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Airport Suitability Check
« on: April 28, 2012, 09:18:37 PM »
Is PFPX able to perform an airport suitability check?

Where the flight planning system will check the actual weather against the published minima and check for compliance? Here is an example below from my company OFP.. This shows the information as presented to the crew.

ASC   DEP                   APPCH               MINIMA      WEATHER    TWC     XWC   
         EGKK/LGW/08R  TKOF                 0/ 200        400/3000    -12.1   +13.3                                             
         EHAM/AMS/06    CAT3B               0/  75         800/4000    -15.2   +5.5   
         DEST ALTN   
         EHRD/RTM/06    LLZDME             500/1600    800/4000.   -15.3   +4.7   
         EBBR/BRU/07L   SRE                   1100/6500  4000/7000   -4.0    +0.3   
         EBOS/OST/08   LLZDME               480/1200   700/3500     -11.9  +1.4   
         EHBK/MST/21   CAT1+DME          0/ 550        9999/9999   +6.8   +7.4

Here is what the system checks:-

Airport Suitability Check. List of alternate airports considered in ASC and associated runways selected.

Approach aids used for planning minima.

Planning Minima considered. Ceiling / RVR (Vis)

Forecast ceiling and visibility available. (At time of calculation)

Forecast wind (At time of calculation) TWC: LIDO calculates tailwind value in knots, based on the selected runway and the TAF period from one hour prior to earliest planned arrival to one hour after latest planned arrival. - indicates a headwind.

XWC: LIDO calculated crosswind value in knots, based on the selected runway and the TAF period from one hour prior to earliest planned arrival to one hour after latest planned arrival.

That the leads us into the alternate information (again here is an example from a recent flight)

     ALTN             MORA  DIST  LVL    WC     TIME   DIFF  FUEL   DIFF
C1 EHRD/RTM/06     20    84   60     H005    0.22            1138   

C3 EBBR/BRU/07L    20   101  160    H034   0.25  +0.03  1162    +24   

C4 EBOS/OST/08     20   148   60     H019    0.34  +0.12  1621   +483   

C2 EHBK/MST/21     20   164   60   H009    0.35   +0.12    1700  +562   

Alternate aerodromes list. Alternates selected by Airport Suitability Check (ASC). First listed is the alternate used in the fuel plan. If two alternates are required the second listed will have a lower fuel requirement. 'F' or 'C' Designator indicates if alternate is fuel or commercial. Fuel alternates should only be chosen when the weather and operational conditions at the destination make a diversion unlikely (low risk). Commercial alternates are selected according to numbered priority, unless already selected as fuel alternate. Consider the risk of a diversion when considering the Commercial alternate. The following factors should be evaluated in order to determine if a diversion is considered likely:

(a) Thunderstorms are forecast at the destination aerodrome;

(b) Weather conditions close to operational minima at the destination;

(c) Winds exceeding crosswind limits;

(d) FZRA/DZ and SN removal during winter operations.

Runway selected at alternate and route to alternate.

NOTE: The route to alternate is often dependant on runways in use, therefore alternates selected may differ depending on the resulting distance and fuel required.

Difference in fuel required compared to first alternate.
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Re: Airport Suitability Check
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2012, 06:45:24 PM »
You can set a minimum runway length/ceiling/visibility for an airport to be considered as and intermediate/destination alternate by the automatic search function.
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