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Re: iPad Support Request
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Add me to that list to.

Christian have you thought of contacting the guy that wrote the Virtual CDU for PMDG NGX? An amazing app and clearly shows his capability - potentially has he knows how to interface with the NGX SDK, outputting fuel and cargo/Pax could be easily enabled in a Ipad version to PMDG products.

I have two Ipads - and have one running the Virtual CDU (none of this desktop cloning rubbish) and the other I run Apps like Circle to Land which displays all charts etc being able to run TOPCAT/PFPX on an IPAD to would be ultimate setup - and save having the multiple screens and computers that clutter my Office to run FSX!


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Re: iPad Support Request
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Any news on this?

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Re: iPad Support Request
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Unfortunately not yet.

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Re: iPad Support Request
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Re: iPad Support Request
Reply #9 on: May 25, 2013, 05:01:29 PM
Quote from: Christian Grill (TOPCAT) on May 04, 2012, 06:36:31 PM
If there is an iPad/iPhone developer out there, I would be very glad to help. Just drop me a message...

Unfortunately I'm not a iPad/iPhone developer, but might be able to help out with an Android version if there is demand for that.



EDIT June 1st: I still have three weeks left in my parental leave before I go back to work. If you are interested in a POC, please let me know.
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+1 for ANDROID!!!! don't like Apple'

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