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Re: Support for the iFly 737NG
« Reply #15 on: July 24, 2011, 07:12:45 PM »
any chance of the 600 and 900 series being an option for Topcat? I mean its a really great program and ive been using it for a while now but It just seems the developers have little intrest in making configs for aircraft.  There are so many aircraft that it does not officialy support.   Its the only thing I would like to see improved.


I'll add my interest in seeing the other two NG's having detailed performance data included in TOPCAT, not only because of the iFLY but because of the impending release of the PMDG NGX.   I'm happy to see the 700-800 data in topcat, as they really are the only two models I fly.   But I fear that the reason I don't use the 600 and 900 is because TOPCAT does not offer data on those models, and in the end I'm missing out, and I'm sure many present and future NG operators who are as picky as I am will avoid those models for this very reason.

I would think that when the NGX is released, TOPCAT will see increase in sales because users will aspire to using TOPCAT (and the future PFPX) to pair real world takeoff/landing (and in the case of PFPX, dispatch) data with the no compromises flight model fidelity of PMDG's NGX.    I understand that compiling the data for the 600 and 900 is a huge undertaking, but ultimately it could payoff big by increasing sales of both TOPCAT/PFPX and allowing us "picky" NG fans to actually fly those ignored models.  And as an added bonus, it would be nice if the other engine ratings for the 600-900 series were modeled in TOPCAT, whereas we can only choose 22k for the 700 and 26k for the 800.   I know that I can "simulate" the other engine ratings by choosing a fixed derate (TO1 or TO2), but a proper simulation of those other engine ratings would be a more elegant solution.

Please give the 600/900 some consideration!

I've been asking for this since the release of Ifly FS9, and I really think it would be awesome... I suspect that TOPCAT will do a full support for the PMDG NGX, but I do think the Ifly also deserves a config for both -600 and -900 - and of course with correct engine ratings..

So pretty please, with sugar on top, make the f****** file..? (quoting "the Cleaner" from Pulp Fiction), so don't loose your temper ;)

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Re: Support for the iFly 737NG
« Reply #16 on: July 25, 2011, 04:16:17 AM »
I'm hoping the forthcoming PMDG NGX will be the impedus for proper TOPCAT data for the 600 and 900 variants, and perhaps the other engine ratings.
It's a no brainer to me, it will be the best selling flight sim addon of all time, TOPCAT sales will most likely skyrocket since there will be more interest in proper flight planning, and the PMDG printed manuals that I own which are basically the same as the real world manuals have a litany of performance data for each variant, info that I believe was not available to the public before.

The NGX is the addon I've been waiting for for 2011, but I will say that PFPX is a very close second!   Here's hoping that PFPX and additional TOPCAT performance files will do justice to the groundbreaking release of the NGX, they are a match made in flight sim heaven!!

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Re: Support for the iFly 737NG
« Reply #17 on: September 13, 2011, 04:23:46 PM »
Since we're talking iFly, could someone do a profile on the BBJ? I really like that one  ;D