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Activation Problems
« on: May 25, 2014, 08:23:34 PM »
Ok this is my fault and I should have know better than to trust downloads of random forums. So stupidly I downloaded a "Full Free Trial" from a forum after reading reviews. Sadly it turned out to be a pre-activated pirated version, which sent my antivirus crazy. Instead of risking free trial again I have brought a copy as I want it to go with my PMDG 777. I have raised this with the support email but i am inpatient lol. I have activated my copy but still cannot run it as I get the "This is an illegal copy we have recorded your ip" message and crashes to desktop. I have re installed a couple of times but not had any success in running it with out the message. I guess I am missing a rouge file or setting somewhere. 
I have learnt my lesson trusting random downloads that was my first and certainly will be my last. My Order ID is 3526379 not sure if you need it or not, just wanted to prove I am not using a pirate copy.

So annoyed at myself  >:(

Thanks Muchely
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