Author Topic: adequate airport range rings alteration request  (Read 1176 times)

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adequate airport range rings alteration request
« on: October 11, 2013, 11:11:13 PM »
Would it be possible to have the adequate airport rings labelled with the airport IQAO id added in some future update. I have seen this on a real world planning map the id is indicated in a small box 4 times around the range circle top bottom left and right. This would make the data entry in to the fmc  much easier as I don't want to use every adequate as a fix and its difficult to identify from the map what circle belongs to what adequate airport as it currently is. selection of what adequate I want to use as a fix in the fmc is based on distance apart so it needs to be done visually on the map its self rather than from the plan list which is hit and miss  when reading from the plan then looking back to the map to see how close it is to the last etc etc.

secondly in addition to this could you please make the adequate airport range rings complete when overlapped with another ring(full circle) so that you see the whole ring when they overlap as per the real world maps I have seen . currently the overlap part is removed which makes the above procedure less easy to do because you cant see exactly what the overlap is etc.

just a couple nice feature alterations to help improve the flow and make more realistic


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